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JC 25-Bob Hat with stopper

JC 26-Legionnaire Bob Hat

JC 0U - Bob Hats can also be manufacture in reversible mode

JC 55-Colonial Hats

JC 57-Colonial Hats

N001-Straw Hats

N002-Panama Hats

N005-Straw Hats

N007-Straw Hats

S275-Straw Hats

S102-Straw Hats

S660-Straw Hats

We are manufacturers of various types of hats in Mauritius, FABRIQUANT DE CHAPEAUX ILE MAURICE and used by the people of Mauritius. Some of them are fedora, beanie hats, bob hats, colonial hats, etc. Bob Hats can also be manufacture in reversible mode. Many styles of hats have been popular through history and worn for different functions and events. They can be part of uniforms or can be worn as apparel. Styles include the top hat, cowboy hat, and cocktail hat.

Hats manufactured by Yulee Group in Mauritius, FABRIQUANT DE CHAPEAUX ILE MAURICE are unique in their own way. It can be worn for protection against the elements, for ceremonial reason, religious reasons, for safety, or as a fashion accessory. Hats manufactured by us can also be used as the indicator of social status. In the military, they may denote nationality, branch of service, rank and/or regiment. We also provide different types of straw hats that can be used by women and girls during outings or long trips.

Yulee Group manufactures hats in Mauritius, FABRIQUANT DE CHAPEAUX ILE MAURICE with the leading style and innovative design.
We have strived to create exceptionally high quality products. We make winter hats with head tightening adjustable shock cords built it, hats with billed brims, hats with flaps, stocking style hats, beanie style hats, and construction helmet liner hats and even for mountain climbing hats. We manufacture hats for the temperature range that you work or play in during the cold temperature months and we always give you a higher asset value for your hard earn money.

Yulee group are hats manufacturers in Mauritius, FABRIQUANT DE CHAPEAUX ILE MAURICE. From traditional cowboy hats and lightweight leather and mesh beauties to our retro-future steam punk hats, our range of styles is certain to surprise, intrigue and delight you. We provide hats for both men and women. A men hat denotes a masculine feature whereas women hats denotes feminine feature giving a fancy classic look. All hats are of latest trends.

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